Sigmund Freud Toothpaste for clean teeth and a healthy mind

Sigmund Freud is the father of mental health, so why not use him for dental health as well? Sigmund Freud Toothpaste tastes like bananas. We’re not sure why we picked banana flavor, the other choices were daikon, carrots or cucumbers, but you’re welcome to analyze the decision. We do know for sure that it satisfies our oral fixation.

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Pictured above with our Sigmud Freud Action Figure, Sigmund Freud Toothpaste also pairs well with Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball.

Dress-up your very own Bigfoot

We’re going to blow your mind a bit, but if you think about it, Bigfoot walks around naked. Sure, his fur makes it look like he’s all covered up, but he’s a forest-living, hippy nudist. Our new Dress-Up Bigfoot comes with 28 reusable vinyl cling pieces of clothing and accessories that you can use to dress Bigfoot to suit all sorts of moods and occasions.

Standing 16” tall and made of laminated cardboard, Dress-Up Bigfoot makes a handsome desk accessory or holiday decoration. Dress and redress Bigfoot year-round, all the clings are reusable. Bigfoot comes with lederhosen, beer hat, boxers and so much more! You can dress Bigfoot to your whim, but we’re partial to him in his tighty-whities.

Here’s a video demonstration of how to dress up Bigfoot:

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Horse Head Mask receives presidential handshake

Why yes, these are photos of President Obama shaking hands with someone wearing one of our Horse Head Masks. This awesomely surreal moment occurred on Tuesday night, July 8, 2014, as the President was greeting people along the streets of downtown Denver, CO.

Proving once again that there’s no telling where our Horse Head Mask might show up next, the photo above was taken by Jewel Samad and the one below by New York Times photographer Doug Mills.

Of course, it didn’t take long for The Internets to react in hilarious fashion, which is how we arrive at this amazing third photo.:

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Visit BuzzFeed for additional images.

[Photos via the LA Times and BuzzFeed]

Bacon tape for all your taping needs

Our Bacon Tape sticks like tape and looks like mouthwatering bacon! Even we’ll admit that most of the time, it’s better for bacon to be crispy rather than sticky. Bacon Tape is the ideal way to bind things together in a deliciously meaty way that works way better than trying to repair things with actual strips of bacon. Like taping up that damaged Babe poster.

Each plastic dispenser comes with 100 feet of 3/4″ wide tape that looks like an endless strip of bacon. Bacon Tape is so awesome, you’ll rip things on purpose! Bacon Tape is perfect paired with our Bacon Gift Wrap. And for that extra meaty touch, put the bacon wrapped and taped present in one of our Bacon Gift Bags.

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This pickle screams so that you don’t have to

Introducing the Screaming Pickle! You love the Yodelling Pickle when you’re happy, but now there’s the Screaming Pickle for more stressful days. Why would a pickle scream? We have no idea, but we’ve found it to be a great stress reliever around the office.

It’s the perfect thing to keep on your desk at work or in your car to express your frustration for you. Having a bad day? Just press the button and this pickle sounds off with a dilly of a scream so loud it can be heard in the next barrel. Lets everyone around you know to stay out of your way. Click here to listen to the pickle scream.

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